We Remember: Bill Withers, part 2…

Here’s part 2 of the Rhythms In Black Satin “In Memoriam” remembrance of Bill Withers. Included is a large cross-section of his catalog from his 15-year active music career. I’m hoping you’ll not only find some things that you’re familiar with and have not heard in awhile, but also some things that you’re discovering for the first time that you’ll want to hear again.


Playlist: (song – artist [album])

  1. RIBS: Bill Withers Intro – TGrundy
    music bed: “Lovely Day” by Shakatak [Magic]
  2. Just The Two Of Us (ft. Bill Withers) – Grover Washington, Jr. [Winelight]
  3. Ruby Lee – Bill Withers [+’Justments]
  4. The Best You Can – Bill Withers [Making Music]
  5. RIBS: We Remember Bill Withers-2 – TGrundy
  6. Love Is – Bill Withers [‘Bout Love]
  7. Then You Smile At Me – Bill Withers [Menagerie]
  8. Lovely Day – Bill Withers [Menagerie]
  9. RIBS – So Good Echo – TGrundy
  10. Hello Like Before – Bill Withers [Making Music]
  11. Paint Your Pretty Picture – Bill Withers [Making Music]
  12. You Just Can’t Smile It Away – Bill Withers [Watching You, Watching Me]
  13. RIBS: We Remember Bill Withers-2 – TGrundy
  14. Make Love To Your Mind – Bill Withers [Making Music]
  15. In The Name Of Love (ft. Bill Withers) – Ralph MacDonald [Universal Rhythm]
  16. RIBS – aka “RIBS” – TGrundy
  17. Make A Smile For Me – Bill Withers [+’Justments]
  18. Lean On Me – Bill Withers [Still Bill]
  19. Use Me – Bill Withers [Still Bill]
  20. Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers [Just As I Am]
  21. RIBS: We Remember Bill Withers-2 – TGrundy
  22. I Want To Spend The Night – Bill Withers [Menagerie]
  23. Let Me Be The One You Need – Bill Withers [Menagerie]
  24. Do It Good – Bill Withers [Just As I Am]
  25. RIBS: We Remember Bill Withers-2 – TGrundy
  26. World Keeps Going Around – Bill Withers [Live At Carnegie Hall]
  27. Let Us Love – Bill Withers [Live At Carnegie Hall]
  28. Medley: Harlem / Cold Baloney – Bill Withers [Live At Carnegie Hall]

We Remember: Bill Withers…

Bill Withers passed away and joined the Heavenly choir on March 30, 2020. He has always been one of my favorite singer/songwriters. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve thought about or mentioned in conversation lyrics from one or more of his songs. His words were thought-provoking and have stood the test of time.

Here is a mix of some of my favorite Bill Withers songs I put together back in 2008 (I believe). Another mix showcasing additional music from his catalog will follow soon. Enjoy!

Playlist: (song – artist [album])

  1. You – Bill Withers [+’Justments]
  2. Harlem – Bill Withers 114.6 [Just As I Am]
  3. I Don’t Want You On My Mind – Bill Withers [Still Bill]
  4. Lovely Night For Dancing – Bill Withers [Menagerie]
  5. Kissing My Love – Bill Withers [Still Bill]
  6. Who Is He (And What Is He To You) – Bill Withers [Still Bill]
  7. Soul Shadows (ft. Bill Withers) – Crusaders [Rhapsody And Blues]
  8. Better Off Dead – Bill Withers [Just As I Am]
  9. Hope She’ll Be Happier – Bill Withers [Just As I Am]
  10. Stories – Bill Withers [+’Justments]
  11. Railroad Man – Bill Withers [+’Justments]
  12. The Same Love That Made Me Laugh – Bill Withers [+’Justments]
  13. Heartbreak Road – Bill Withers [+’Justments]
  14. Lonely Town, Lonely Street – Bill Withers [Still Bill]
  15. I Wish You Well – Bill Withers [Making Music]
  16. Green Grass – Bill Withers [+’Justments]
  17. Can We Pretend – Bill Withers [+’Justments]
  18. Let Me In Your Life – Bill Withers [Live At Carnegie Hall]
  19. Grandma’s Hands – Bill Withers [Live At Carnegie Hall]
  20. I Can’t Write Left-Handed – Bill Withers [Live At Carnegie Hall]