RIBS: EJ Flavors – A Song For You…

Our friend, our mentor, our music “consigliere”, Eric Joseph (“EJ”) Flavors left us way too soon on October 2, 2022. His help, his kindness and most of all his generosity will be remembered forever. There are so many of us out here listening to music, discussing music, and/or blogging about music that have been influenced and guided by him. That’s why we called him, “The Sensei”. This is a mix with some of his favorite artists. EJ, this is a song(s) for you.

Playlist: (song – artist [album])

  1. DROP: DJ Diva – “Hit ‘Em Sensei”
  2. INTRO: EJ Flavors – “Let’s Go!”
  3. Still A Friend Of Mine – Incognito [Positivity]
  4. Hangin’ On A String(Contemplating) – Loose Ends [A Little Spice]
  5. Call On Me – Workshy [Smile Again]
  6. Heart Like An Open Book – Michael Franks [Barefoot On The Beach]
  7. DROP: Macedonia – “At the feet of The Sensei”
  8. Simpatico – Maysa [Metamorphosis]
  9. Slow Down – Loose Ends [Zagora]
  10. Never Satisfied – Michael Franks [Passion Fruit]
  11. DROP: TGrundy – “Joe the DJ”
  12. A Song For You – Merry Clayton [Merry Clayton]
  13. Deep Waters – Incognito [Positivity]
  14. Hangin’ Downtown – Cameo [She’s Strange]
  15. Yours For The Taking – Workshy [The Golden Mile]
  16. Your Secret’s Safe With Me – Michael Franks [Skin Dive]
  17. DROP: EJ Flavors RIBS-1
  18. Help Is On The Way – The Whatnauts [Non-Album Single]
  19. Let`s Rock – Loose Ends [A Little Spice]
  20. All I Do – Maysa [Metamorphosis]
  21. Love Is The Colour – Incognito [Inside Life]
  22. Tell Me What You Want – Loose Ends [A Little Spice]
  23. You’ve Got Me Dancing – Windjammer [Windjammer]
  24. DROP: EJ Flavors – “Corn Liquor”
  25. One Bad Habit – Michael Franks [One Bad Habit]
  26. Centre Of The Sun – Incognito [No Time Like The Future]
  27. Heaven Sent – Workshy [Soul Love]
  28. Watching You – Loose Ends [The Real Chuckeeboo]
  29. One Hundred And Rising – Incognito [100° And Rising]
  30. Why Can’t We Be Lovers – Workshy [Soul Love]
  31. I Couldn’t Love You More – Incognito [Amplified Soul]
  32. DROP: TGrundy – “Do You Have Soul?”
  33. Outro: EJ Flavors – “Take It Light”
  34. Everybody Loves The Sunshine – Incognito [Bees + Things + Flowers]

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