RIBS: Gamble & Huff, part 4

This is part #4 of our look at the house that Gamble and Huff built: “The Sound of Philadelphia”…

Playlist: (songartist [album])

  1. RIBS3: – “a.k.a. RIBS” (echo) – TGrundy
  2. Interlude 1 – MFSB [Philadelphia Freedom]
  3. Love Train – Bunny Sigler [That’s How Long I’ll Be Loving You]
  4. Let’s Make A Baby – Billy Paul [When Love Is New]
  5. Sunshine – O’Jays [Back Stabbers]
  6. Don’t Let It Go To Your Head – Jean Carn [Happy To Be With You]
  7. Only The Strong Survive – Jerry Butler [The Ice Man Cometh]
  8. Nowhere To Run – Laura Nyro & Labelle (group) [Gonna Take A Miracle]
  9. RIBS Promo: “MMM-HM” – EJFlavors
  10. Low Down Blues – Leon Huff [Here To Create Music]
  11. How Good Is Your Game – Billy Paul [Let ‘Em In]
  12. Livin’ For The Weekend – O’Jays [Family Reunion]
  13. Keep On Dancing – Jacksons [The Jacksons]
  14. The Soul City Walk – Archie Bell & The Drells [Dance Your Troubles Away]
  15. Where Are All My Friends – Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes [To Be True]
  16. Love Won’t Come Easy – Billy Paul [Let ‘Em In]
  17. RIBS3: – “a.k.a. RIBS” – TGrundy
  18. Do It Any Way You Wanna – The People’s Choice [Boogie Down U.S.A.]
  19. When Am I Gonna Find True Love – Patti Labelle [I’m In Love Again]
  20. Time To Get Down – O’Jays [Back Stabbers]
  21. Summertime And I’m Feelin’ Mellow – MFSB [Summertime]
  22. Girl You Know – Teddy Pendergrass [TP]
  23. I’m Gonna Make You Love Me – Supremes & Temptations [Diana Ross and The Supremes Join The Temptations]
  24. Message In Our Music – O’Jays [Message In The Music]

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